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                          CSJ Fence

designs, constructs, and builds high quality fences of all varieties. Wood fences, stockade fences, chain link, and vinyl fencing is all a available at reasonable pricing.


7 Oak Lane Stafford VA 22556 US

             ​Wood and Stockade fences

Wood fences are focused more on privacy and estetics. Most are Oak but Cedar is available. Various heights from 4 foot - 8 foot. Stockade fences, 4-6 foot privacy fence, and good neighbor fences are available.

                       Chainlink Fences    

Whether you are trying to fence something in, or keep something out, chain link fencing is our most cost effective option. They come in galvanied steel and color coated options and a variety of heights from 3.5 feet - 10 feet.

                         ​Vinyl Fences

They are available in heights ranging from 4 feet to 6 feet and are generally white in color although some color options are available. They come in a variety of designs to include picket fences and privacy fences. Generally the most expensive option.